Make Nice (Press)


Published on Make Nice, 13 February 2018.


An Open Book: In Conversation with Shane Kang

Published in Issue 2 of Eyebag Magazine (print), November 2017.

It is late and I cannot get to sleep.

I scroll through my phone and find a saved link to a novella named Riptide Baby. I buy the Kindle version, because I’m not waiting for postage, and I finish the book in one sitting sometime around 4am. At some point, I’m not sure when, I have started crying.

I still cannot get to sleep.

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I Cockblocked a Kickboxer in Tokyo

Published on Global Hobo, 16 July 2017. Feature Image by Liv Vizard.


I am barely five feet tall. He is a professional kickboxer, stocky and red, and a breath away from my face. His furious words land on me as spit droplets. His finger wags, like he knows everything in the world, and I know nothing. He calls me a little girl.

“Don’t point at me,” I say.

He steps closer.

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