Eyebag Magazine, Issue 1

People and ideas to lose sleep over.

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I Cockblocked a Kickboxer in Tokyo

Published on Global Hobo, 16 July 2017. Feature Image by Liv Vizard.


I am barely five feet tall. He is a professional kickboxer, stocky and red, and a breath away from my face. His furious words land on me as spit droplets. His finger wags, like he knows everything in the world, and I know nothing. He calls me a little girl.

“Don’t point at me,” I say.

He steps closer.

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Pixy Liao

Published in Issue 1 of Eyebag Magazine (print), May 2017. Feature Image by Pixy Liao.

My friend and I are at a zine fair, perusing tables of xeroxed pages and comics and prints. The stall we’re at is selling loot bags filled with miscellaneous art things. A lucky dip of sorts. I see a pink, riso-printed postcard of a half-naked man draped over the shoulders of an apathetic woman with a black bob. I have to have it. My friend wants it too. We fight over it. I go home and peg it on the wall above my bed.

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Published in Eyebag Magazine (print), May 2017.

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m in an oddly sterile hotel lobby, waiting for LA band Warpaint to meet me for our interview. I’m cradling a bouquet of Australian natives for them, which is probably the least sustainable gift for a touring band. Mum never did let me visit anyone’s house empty-handed.

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Cool, For An Asian

Published in Issue 2 of Mous. Magazine (print), September 2016. Feature Image by Gabrielle Glen.

Who’s Your Celebrity Twin? It was the typical tween pastime, flipping through the personality quizzes in our schoolyard stash of Dolly magazines – pages of hot pink, encouraging young girls to project their budding sense of identity onto the cookie moulds of teen idols. Tomboys were Avril Lavigne. Hippies were Mary-Kate Olsen. If you wore pink lip-gloss, you were definitely Rachel Bilson.

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Albert Hammond Jr: Behind The White Strat

Published in Issue 2 of Mous. Magazine (print), September 2016. Feature Image by Caitlin Low.

Everyone has their favourite Stroke. Rarely in a band does each member play such a seminal role, be it the lazy rasp of Julian Casablancas or the Aragorn-esque charm of Nick Valensi. But for garage-rock revivalists The Strokes – even two decades since their skinny-jeaned formation – all five of them have a permanent residence in fans’ hearts. The one fifth I’m chatting to today is Albert Hammond Jr, guitarist and acclaimed solo artist in his own right.

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