Melbourne Art Book Fair 2018 (Press)

Eyebag was honoured to be selected for the Melbourne Art Book Fair at National Gallery of Victoria, alongside some of our favourite international and local publishers. MABF is Asia-Pacific’s most visited publishing event, featuring book launches, workshops, free talks and over 100 stalls.


An Open Book: In Conversation with Shane Kang

Published in Issue 2 of Eyebag Magazine (print), November 2017.

It is late and I cannot get to sleep.

I scroll through my phone and find a saved link to a novella named Riptide Baby. I buy the Kindle version, because I’m not waiting for postage, and I finish the book in one sitting sometime around 4am. At some point, I’m not sure when, I have started crying.

I still cannot get to sleep.

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I Cockblocked a Kickboxer in Tokyo

Published on Global Hobo, 16 July 2017. Feature Image by Liv Vizard.


I am barely five feet tall. He is a professional kickboxer, stocky and red, and a breath away from my face. His furious words land on me as spit droplets. His finger wags, like he knows everything in the world, and I know nothing. He calls me a little girl.

“Don’t point at me,” I say.

He steps closer.

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