Fire Warning: Hottest Redheads on Our Radar

Published on IZE Magazine #12, February 2015.

Contrary to the conventions of the classic teen comedy, gingers do not exist for the amusement of schoolyard bullies. Whether it’s the fiery wrath of Vulcan or a subtler strawberry blonde, red hair should be celebrated – at the very least, for the infinite metaphors it inspires.

If you’ve scored a MC1R mutation in the genetic jackpot – or just a bottle of Schwarzkopf Professional – hold your (red)head up high. These famous fire starters did, and they’ve been making names of their manes ever since.

Jack Kilmer

Meet Val Kilmer’s son, Gia Coppola’s protégé, Hedi Slimane’s muse and Tumblr’s latest heart palpitation. This doe-eyed, West Coast skater boy is new to the business, but his filmography is growing as fast as his foxy locks. Catch Jack’s breakout role in the soft-focused teen mope-fest, Palo Alto.

Caleb Landry-Jones

Fall for this indie darling’s piercing gaze in moody thrillers like Antiviral and Byzantium. If you could tear your eyes away from X-Men First Class’ big-name cast, you may even recognise him as Banshee – the sonic-screaming bat-dude. Like all actors who wear felt hats, Caleb also plays drums in an experimental folk rock band. Bless.

Jenny Lewis

This flame-haired girl crush has infiltrated our iPods with Rilo Kiley, Johnny and Jenny, three solo albums and endless collaborations. Now our ears want to write her a thank you note. Forever grateful for the sunroof-down, hotpants-on, Toaster-filtered vibes.

Natasha Lyonne

Hair talk is getting tiresome for this Orange Is the New Black star. Luckily, the grey matter underneath all that red matter is just as impressive. Watch her interviews and it’s clear this fast-talking firecracker has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things onscreen. A human IMDb.

Eddie Redmayne

This ultra-talented thespian/ Cambridge grad/ part-time Burberry coat hanger is now an Oscar favourite for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Regardless, he gets the gong for the most fitting surname. Some people have it all.

Florence Welch

Who knows how this ethereal songstress stepped out of the Pre-Raphaelite painting in which she was created, but us mere mortals are sure glad she did. The Florence + the Machine frontwoman’s copper-burnt locks are almost as striking as her powerhouse vocals. We’re in Cosmic Love with her. ♦



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