Eyebag Magazine, Issue 1

People and ideas to lose sleep over.

Eyebag Magazine is a boutique publication dedicated to the hours between midnight and god-knows-when, to the ideas that keep us awake, and to being tired for good cause.

The print magazine features an eclectic, provocative collection of interviews, non-fiction and photo diaries narrating unique perspectives and experiences.

Issue 1 – themed ‘Get Outta Here!!’ – explores disbelief and surprise, entrapment and escape, and kicking something (or someone) to the curb. Our inaugural issue features LA band Warpaint, NYC artist Pixy Liao, Tokyo music photographer Yuki Kikuchi, photography by Jonathan Rae, Gabrielle Glen, Hannah Birkettand Holly Montgomery, words by Miranda Debeljakovic and Rose Mosavi, and more.

As Founding Editor, my responsibilities included:

  • Editorial Content: research, interviews, writing, sub-editing, managing paid contributors.
  • Creative Direction: graphic design, layout design, co-ordinating photoshoots and collaborations.
  • Business Management: marketing, advertising, brand sponsorship, web management, social media, crowdfunding (goal reached within 24 hours).
  • Print and Distribution: budgeting print costs, contacting stockists, managing orders and postage.

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